Summer Car Safety Tips

by Cindy Zhang

Posted on 2020-07-15

The weather is getting hotter, and the days longer. Outside, the temperatures may seem nice, but inside a car, temperatures can increase up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit every 10 minutes. Leaving your children or pets inside a hot car can be lethal, with an average of 38 children dying each year due to being left in a car. Most of these children are forgotten in the car, which is a mistake that can happen to anyone. Sometimes, children climb into the car of the own accord and get stuck inside. To combat this issue, here are some easy safety tips to ensure this never happens to you. (Tips adapted from this article on There are even more helpful ones there!)

  1. Make it a habit to turn around and check the backseat every time you leave the car.
  2. Leave something important in the backseat, rather than the passenger seat. For example, put you bag or phone in the back, so you always remember to check.
  3. Always lock the door of your car to prevent children from accidentally getting into the car on a hot day.